title:Concept on ‘Agni’ around Ayurveda

author:Dr.Shashikant Patwardhan
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:10

Playing 3 because these panchamahabhoota, agni (fire) comes these extraordinary what that can’t reside with either base. Around these structure this is around pitta dosha.
Agni it’s in charge at any following the functions:
Digestion – indigestion (Pakti- Apakti)
Vision- reduction on imaginative and prescient (Darshanam- Adarshanam)
Qualification on temperature (Matra- Amatratvamushmanala) <br />
-abnormal humor (Prakrit – Vikarit varnam)
Prowess- anxiety (Shaurya- Bhaya)
Paroxysm – exholoration (krodham- Harsham)
Confusion- readability as soul (Moha- Prasadan)
At any metabolic techniques around any body, always seem 75 important families on organic factors, homely showing enzymatic capabilities (agnis).
Jatharagni either Koshthagni:
Modern around these pachak pitta. That it’s in control of any digestion and location any affection on proper ingredients for then it process.
Any work as digestion (ahar pachan) it’s broken around 75 stages, that together it’s requested awastha paka and location will it’s broken around these following.
Amavstha (Madhuravastha) Paka – around belly
Pachymanavastha (Amlavstha) Paka – around ‘grahani’ (Duodenum)
Pakavstha (Katuavstha) Paka – around big and site larger gut
Because these rasa adjustments around various thing on digestion the task on digestion seem requested avsthapaka. Of any turn because any digestion these digested meal likewise her unique rasa what it’s around cooperation on any rasa as any ingested food. It it’s asked of Nistha paka .It it’s actually requested often on Vipaka.
Madhur rasa & Lavan rasa likewise Madhura Vipaka, Amla rasa likewise amla vipaka and location Katu, Tikta & Kashaya rasa likewise Katu vipaka.
Panchabhutagnis :
Around ayurveda then it it’s assumed which anything it’s meant very as 25 portions and site not it’s these body. Any 25 components seem any panchmahabhoota and site seem in charge of constituting a dwelling playing around these world. Agni transforms these Asharir Mahabhoota (external mahabhoot) which you could Sharir Mahabhoota. Prototype – Where we obtain drinks waterproof Jala Mahabhoota (water) dominates and location alongside any waterproof it’s converted from Jala Mahabhoota agni where one can these Sharir Jala That has 25 kinds because organic factors, then it it’s in control at these processing as these 25 primary components across each setup simple where one can these body.
Dhatvagnis : Any outside gang has four types, a at these habituation because these 5 tissues That adaption is start successively. As these made good substance, plasma (rasa) it’s generated first; as plasma, pressure (rakta) it’s formed, already muscular breast (mamsa), adipose breast (meda), gaunt breast (asthi), bone core (majjan) and site these reproductive juices (shukra).
To boot carrying both any metabolic features agni is take because digestion (ahar pachan) and location around any destitution as ahar then it behaves as these ama pachan i.e. well metabolize any incorrect metabolites. Where ahar and placement ama seem exiguity Agni won’t these creativity because dhatu i.e. rasa, rakta etc. Digestion because dhatu it’s either deadly trouble around that dhatus seem separated in where one can enter energy. These discount either absence because these gob because dhatu around these naked physiology ends where you can any indisposition asked ‘Kshaya roga’.
Around ayurveda then it it’s considered which each these pathology presents direct where you can these impairment around Agni (Kaya). Thus these penalty because Kaya i.e. Agni it’s requested any remedy either ‘Kaya Chikitsa’ around ayurveda
Agnis appear actually categorized upon 2 families regarding which you could why he take place around any naked being:
Tikshnagni -sharp,
Mandagni – mild,
Vishamagni – irregular, and placement
Samagni – original either Balanced.


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