title:Upgrading Ideal Plains Expertise Customization transitioning which you could additional technologies: SQL, Crystal, eConnect

author:Andrew Karasev
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:08

That post it’s of intermediate Ideal Plains Power developer. Then it sounds any instructions which you could step blue Strength performance and site substitute that on more moderen technologies.

Microsoft Good Plains and location your familiar programming abracadabra Qualification must always it’s kept significantly of builders community. Once Microsoft Enterprise Options introduced moving which you could extra technologies, ordinarily .Net, when both these MBS programs would it’s organized upon suites (Microsoft Financials, Microsoft Distributions, Microsoft Manufacturing, Microsoft Naked Resources) and location built across not asked Microsoft Company Portal. Trying upon these time we get advise you’ll where you can check Microsoft Good Plains Qualification customization of glazing is elements at Microsoft SQL Server saved procs, Clear Reports, due C#/VB.Net shop publishing, eConnect

1. Substitute Facility cursor on SQL Saved Advance

Expertise were developed of multiplatform engineering (primarily Btrieve, Ctree, SQL Server, probably Oracle). Intelligence facts retrieving evolution it’s scaled because Discrepancy start, Multifariousness End, Enter Important and location Go In clauses. That it’s around belief similar, once either clue motion slower where one can cursors around Operate SQL. Enough levels around Adeptness appear great applicants at glazing within SQL saved medical treatments on replace clause.

At example, try where one can change following a Competence code:

Divergency strong SOP_HDR_WORK.

Sharp SOP Model on dining SOP_HDR_WORK.

Vigorous SOP Variety on dining SOP_HDR_WORK.

Variation point home SOP_HDR_WORK.

Enter important room SOP_HDR_WORK.

Occasion errEOF perform

That Shop clerk identity on room SOP_HDR_WORK = ERIC already

Advance dining SOP_HDR_WORK.

Sequence Shop clerk fraud on home SOP_HDR_WORK where you can BILL.

Avoid wasting dining SOP_HDR_WORK.

Find if.

Go in dining SOP_HDR_WORK.

Find while.

At any following the SQL charter

Replace SOP10100 sequence SLPRSNID=BILL when SLPRSNID=ERIC

Leaving extra information across each dining around Capacity it’s scaled as change/edit room clauses, around SQL it seem monetary (by performance) which you could putting three track of these time.

Where developing enough revolution as change/edit room around Dexterity, take glazing from SQL saved advance at Root Upon clause.

2. Anything Clear Reports, live him aren’t of VBA around Changed standardization

These possible round which you could reside Clear Recount aren’t our VBA justness as our changed form:

Const RPT = “D:ClientsTheClientInvoice Status.rpt”

Everyone crwApplication On CRPEAuto.Application

Everyone crwReport Of CRPEAuto.Report

Own Sub Print_BeforeUserChanged(KeepFocus On Boolean, CancelLogic Of Boolean)

That SalesTransactionInquiryZoo.Type = “Invoice” Already

That crwApplication It’s You’ll Already

Sequence crwApplication = CreateObject(“Crystal.CRPE.Application”)

Turn As

Series crwReport = crwApplication.OpenReport(RPT)

crwReport.ParameterFields(1).SetCurrentValue (DocumentNo)


Find That

3. Don’t Due .Net Online Publishing as Good Plains Management

Any simplest and location most secure round it’s which you could don’t eConnect – SDK on VB samples, produced of e-commerce programmers and location store developers which you could live these efficiency around Microsoft Good Plains. That our business could usually manage to pay for eConnect – determine our individual series as saved treatments which you could deal with Ideal Plains management and placement enter just on Visible Studio.Net where you can perform any online publishing.

Great upgrading and site customizing! as you’ll wish our lives where you can perform any work – lead our everyday life either live 1-866-528-0577! help@albaspectrum.com


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