title:25 Grade Irish Websites of each Infant Woman

author:Mary Arnold
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:16

Will you’ll adore where you can cause our little one lady each trace reflective as our Irish roots? Around it article, Ive discussed another on these latest common websites at either lady around Ireland, regarding which you could any Important Records Workplace because Ireland. At a transmit arriving below, Let likewise considered any Gaelic spelling, any websites meaning, and, where applicable, any Anglo-Saxon news on any name.

Abaigeal – Gaelic at Abigail; “father’s joy”

ine – as a rule being utilized of Anne; “joy, praise”

Aleanbh – Gaelic of Alannah; “the perceivable eyeful one, lovely child”

Aoife – Gaelic of Eve; “life-giving”

Brenna – “raven-haired”

Bridget – “strong, spirited”

Caitlin – Gaelic of Catherine; “pure”

Ceallach – Gaelic at Kelly; “a warrior”

Ceil – Gaelic at Kayleigh; “party, celebration”

Clr – Gaelic at Claire; “bright”

Eils – Gaelic of Elizabeth; “consecrated where you can God”

Erin – “from Ireland”

Fallon – “a leader”

Fona – “the eyeful one”

Isibal – Gaelic of Isabel/Isabella; “consecrated where you can God”

Mairad – Gaelic at Margaret; “pearl”

Swamp – Gaelic at Mary; “bitter”

Nuala – Gaelic of Nola; “fair-shouldered one”

Richal – Gaelic at Rachael; “little lamb”

Riona – “a queen, queen-like”

Saraid – Gaelic at Sarah; “princess”

Shannon – “wise one”

Shuna – female on Sean; “God it’s gracious”

Sinad – Gaelic at Jane; “gracious, merciful”

Siobhn – Gaelic of Joan; “God it’s gracious”

The seem ahead each sure on these different Irish websites which will it’s proper of either infant girl. That you’ll managed usually turn use you’ll adore here, always appear different media which addition either higher broad list.


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